The Blog Turns 1!

Today the blog has turned 1 year old!

I will never forget the day a year ago that I redid my website (for the 3rd time) and launched this thing. I was too scared to publish anything under my own name but for some reason the business name I had at the time just didn’t stick – hence the procrastination.

You can view my Insta Stories from a year ago >> here << and literally track my progress when when I first launched until now. I’m so glad I documented it.

This blog is my baby and has so much more to grow. But I want to say a massive thank you to anyone who has read a post, commented and shared, sent me a DM letting me know one of my posts has resonated or impacted your life in some way and supported me in general on this journey.

Top 5 Most Popular Posts:

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  3. 10 Signs it’s Time to Kick a Band Member Out
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  5. 5 Music industry Facts No One Tells You

My Top 5 Favourite Posts

In no particular order…it’s too hard lol!

  1. The Broke Musician Complex
  2. How to Not Annoy People on Social Media by Promoting Your Band’s Shit
  3. How Your Band Can Network Like a Boss
  4. Hacks to Make Your Day Job Work (When All Your Want to do is Play Music)
  5. I Watched My Friends Quit Music

I’d love to know, what have been your favourites? Leave a comment below!

It’s been over a year now in business. As some of you may know, I stated my journey with some YouTube videos that I made to answer some common questions I was getting largely to do with band promotion. I was getting inboxed by friends and even people I didn’t know so regularly and I created a video series to educate and inspire these musicians as best I could.

Eventually I thought to myself, DAMN I should be getting paid for this! So my consulting business was born!

The YouTube channel morphed into this blog (writing is my first love), my Facebook Group (Music Marketing & Mindset for Heavy Bands/Musicians) and podcast.

I’ve now helped thousands of people through these mediums as well as my consulting and courses and this is just the beginning. But I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you guys so again, THANK YOU.

You are who I do this for and where I get my content ideas. My goal for the next year is to take this full time so I have the time, energy and resources to reach even more people out there. Together, with your continued support, we can make this happen.

Because good music needs to be heard. And as musicians we all have a life purpose that we NEED to live. We all have a message to share and people to help through our art. Helping other artists live their lives to the fullest is my mission. It always has been.

The reality is that YOU were put here for a reason. NO ONE will ever have the exact same story and purpose as you and you MUST accept this right now. Even if someone copied your style, the way you write, your band’s album artwork…no one would have your life experiences and therefore be able to show up in life the way you do.

THIS is why you need to continue to share your stories and music. Whether your music sheds light on social injustice or helps others escape and have a good time, it’s important. I hope I have helped you in some way on your journey, even if it was to motivate you slightly on a bad day.

Love you guys and stay tuned for more.