Top 5 Resources for Musicians

Those of you who know me, or have been following my social media will know that I truly believe that being a musician means you are an entrepreneur. It doesn’t really need to be said that in today’s world we no longer need to rely, or should reply, on labels for exposure. I think most of us are across this.

Education is the key to success and I’ve found a number of incredible resources that can assist us all on our journey.

1. How To Make It In The New Music Business Book

HOLY SHIT! This book gets me on a spiritual level and I wish I wrote it. I can’t emphasise enough how important this book is for the modern musician. It gives extremely practical advice in a hilarious but blunt way and truly understands the way musicianship and entrepreneurship are intertwined. Almost every sentence is quotable and you need to read/listen to it right now.

2. CD Baby’s DIY Musician Blog + Podcast

DIY Musician Blog – CD Baby

Sometimes I have no idea why I did a music degree when I could have just spent three years trawling some of the sites I’m mentioning now (I’m totally kidding…they weren’t around at the time)! The blog side of things is fucking BRILLIANT! It’s split into four core sections: Musician Tips, YouTube (a blog after my own heart amiright?), Music Rights and Promotion.

The podcast is run by successful musicians, publishing and marketing experts and those generally just killing it in the industry. I personally love the podcast because I have a short attention span and can listen to it while doing other things like driving to work.

3. Music Marketing Manifesto Podcast

Despite the fact they don’t have social media links on their website (a basic marketing must-have), the Music Manifesto Podcast is actually really informative.  They hosts stay on top of industry developments and trends, especially in relation to technology, and have episodes on everything form developing your brand to getting dropped by your record label!

4. Music Business Facts Podcast

If you check out anything on this list, ensure it’s Rodney Holder’s ‘Music Business Facts’ podcast. Rodney is a music business lecturer in Brisbane and used to run Australia’s longest-running heavy music festival, Metal For The Brain. Not only that but he was a musician himself and his band, Alchemist, definitely kicked some goals.

Rodney interviews the big players in the music industry from record label CEOs, publicists and booking agents, to businesses such as CD Baby and musicians that are actually making a living from their music. And let me tell you, he’s not afraid of asking the tough questions to get the best advice possible for his listeners be it musicians or those aspiring to work within the industry (even how much people earn!). Experts he’s interviewed include: Jaddan Commerford (Owner/CEO of UNFD), Mike Portnoy (Dream Theatre), Chris O’Neill (APRA) and even my Heavy Magazine boss man, Carl Neuman!


5. APRA/AMCOS’ Website

It’s really important to keep on top of issues that may directly affect you as a musician, your publishing, ability to play live etc. APRA/AMCOS’s news page and newsletter ‘AMRAP’ can keep you up to speed on any issues directly affecting the Australian Music Industry from grants, changes to live music laws, women in music and more! Get amongst it!