Work From The Tour Bus

This is a 5-week program that will help you start or grow your business within the music industry.

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Life’s too short to let an employer dictate when you can go on tour, get into the studio or even go the f*ck home. It’s time to start making money doing what you love.

For most musicians and creatives, our dream is to be able to wake up every day and simply…create. To have the freedom to design our days in the way that we choose and earn a living doing what lights us up.

But for a decade of my life, I commuted for hours to and from work on a cold train, wishing I was back in bed, could work from home, or better still, on the other side of the world on tour.

I remember dreading that groundhog day feeling of sitting at a desk for eight hours thinking to myself, “I did go home to sleep last night, right?”

Can you relate to this?

I know all too well that feeling of being held back by a job you’re not passionate about. A job that dictates the hours you work, the time you can take off and even, what you can wear!

Sometimes it feels like you’re living a double life.

As creatives, working too long in positions where we are under-stimulated, under-valued (and likely under-paid) can eat away at motivation, creativity and self-worth overtime.

It’s time to change all of that.

I bet you know the current job you have isn’t a long-term thing. Maybe you’re waiting for the day your band gets big so you can get the hell out of dodge?

Or maybe you’re not a musician, but someone that wants to work or run their own business inside the music industry, but you aren’t sure where to begin.

Over the past 18 months, I’ve been able to make money doing what I love and, in turn, transition my day job into a business that supports my musical aspirations

Not only that, but through my biz I’ve been able to establish myself as a leader in my field, grow my network and – as an added bonus – lead more followers/fans/industry people to my band!

Work From the Tour Bus (Beta)

Whether you don’t yet have a business idea, or are already in the early stages of starting and trying to grow your business, this program will provide all the information you need to launch, attract (more) customers and start making money on your own terms.

There is no greater joy than having the freedom and space to build a career and life doing what you love.

Introducing: “Work From the Tour Bus”

This is a 5-week online course and group coaching program for any musician or business within the music industry who is ready to start building their own online empire!

Each week you’ll get a masterclass on a different topic from designing the business and life you want to how to set up your business, market yourself and grow well into the future.

Why hire a business coach? Well, I’ve been where you are before and can get you to your goals a hell of a lot faster than if you were doing it on your own! Plus, myself and the group can help inspire and keep you motivated and accountable so you can maximise your success.

Over 5 Weeks You’ll Get:

👉 5x Weekly Modules delivered live via Zoom: With slides, workbooks & resources so you can take action straight away.
👉 1x Group Q&A Zoom Call: Where we can dive deeper into your biz and any questions you have.
👉 Private Facebook Group: Where we’ll be able to keep in touch throughout the week, you can ask questions and be supported by myself and the group daily.

🔥 VIP Option: All of the above + 1 x 60-minute private coaching call


Pre-Work: Finding Your Business Idea + Creating Your Vision for Business & Life – This will help you find your business idea (or expand on the one you currently have). It’s also important that before you have a clear vision of not only how you want that business to look, but how you want your life to look around it.  You have to start at the end – there’s no use building towards something you don’t even really want!

Week One: Your Simple Business Strategy + Creating Your Offer – This module will cover the simply business strategy I used to grow my personal brand and attract clients. We’ll cover the different ways to make money online and help you clarify what you are selling and to whom.

Even if you know what your business will do, this module will help you diversify your income and make passive income for more financial stability. FYI – I made more money during COVID than any other time in my business due to the strategies I’ll share with you!

Week Two: Setting up + Branding Your Biz – You’ll learn what tools and systems you’ll need to set your business up (BTW it’s actually less than what you may think). We will also determine your branding to attract your ideal customers to you.

Week Three: Marketing Your Biz – You’ll learn how to establish yourself as an expert online, find your ideal audience and start attracting customers. By the way, I’m a HUGE advocate for organic and content marketing i.e. free ways to get your name out there!

Week Four: Making Sales – In this module, you will learn how to convert your followers into customers and how to make more sales in your business (without the sleaze).

Week Five: Growing Your Business – I will teach you how to grow your business so you not only get more customers and make more money, but also have longevity. This will cover practical aspects as well as ensuring you have the mindset you need to run a successful business long-term.

PLUS! Q&A call where we can run through the ins and outs of your business to ensure you’re set up for success!


Enrolment closes in

About Monica

What’s up, legend! I’m Monica; a music marketer, music journalist, online course creator, band coach and musician. After working for years in jobs that didn’t light me up, I started my dream-business 18 months ago helping emerging bands with business and marketing strategy.

This turned into a blog, online courses, a membership site and my book, Social Media Shredder! I am the host of the Being in a Band Podcast, weekly guest host on the Daily Music Business Podcast, vocalist of Australian rock/metal band The Last Marty, coffee-fiend and Sagittarius (meaning I’m forever the optimist but am not afraid to light a fire under your ass so you can kick your goals).


When does the course start and finish?
The course starts 31 August and runs for 5 weeks (official schedule to be announced soon)

What does ‘beta’ mean?
It means this is the first time I’m running this exact course/coaching program (although the info is stuff I’ve known and have been using for years). It will allow me to test the content on an audience before officially launching it at a higher price down the track. This round will only be open to 5-10 participants.

How long do I have access to the course?
A lifetime! You will have access to the replays of the modules forever! Voxer access will close after the 5-week period.

What format is the course delivered in?
Through live video training (with slides), workbooks and voice-note access.

When will the live sessions be?
They’ll be delivered weekly – confirmation of times will be confirmed after enrolment so I can accomodate timezones.

Do you guarantee that this course will improve my business?

Would love to, but that would be impossible. There are too many factors out of my control such as the effort and time you put in. I am however, confident that if you do this course that you will have a better understanding of how to start and grow your business.

Do I already need a business idea?
Nope! This course will help you figure it out. If you already have a business idea, this couse will help you clarify it further as well as market and make more sales.

How much time do I need to set aside for this course?
For each week I recommend 2 to 3 hours for learning and absorbing and implementing the recommended actions.

Heavy Magazine
(Media Outlet)

“I’ve worked with Monica on a number of projects for years. I’ve found her to be one of the rare ones, that’s ethical, punctual and actual gives a damn about her job.  Monica fucking rocks!”

Tristan Higgins

“Monica’s engaging approach makes even the more mundane aspects of the “business” side of music fun to get into and easy to absorb. The community she has built up around her goal of educating musicians in these finer details is supportive, welcoming, and insightful, giving this perpetual outsider not only a sense of belonging but also much-needed guidance in tackling the music business.”

Brendan Grace
(Musician/Band Manager)

“I’ve become more confident leading my own bands PR campaigns and social media presence as well as become more confident giving advice to others in the music industry when asked for it. I feel like, as a whole, I am more equipped to take my music to the public and present my product in a way that is more professional and I am confident I am taking the necessary steps toward working in the music industry as a career.”

You and I both know it’s a long way to the top if you want to rock n’ roll. So why not create a business you can do from anywhere – the tour bus included!