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If you’re anything like me, you’ve spent your entire life dreaming of turning music into a full-time career.

To tour around the globe, perform on big stages to thousands of fans who may not even be able to speak your language, but have been so impacted by your music and everything your band stands for, that it doesn’t even matter.

You dream of being interviewed by the biggest media outlets in the world. You dream of winning awards, creating records you’re proud of and being an inspiration to a kid who just like you, couldn’t live without music.

They say it’s a long way to the top if you want to rock n’ roll…

But right now:

Your music is awesome, but you feel like you’re struggling to get the exposure you need to reach the next level.

You’ve been going around and around on the local gig circuit for years and you know it’s time to support bigger bands, play on bigger stages and be taken more seriously.

You see other bands getting bigger opportunities, managers, booking agents and label interest and wonder why your band is being overlooked.

You know you could be using social media more or marketing your releases better but find it overwhelming.

​Yes?​ RAD, you’re in the right place!

If a band plays in a venue and no one is around to hear them, do they make a sound?

The hard truth is that if you’re releasing music and no one knows about it…you may as well not release anything at all.

As a music journalist, professional digital marketer and musician myself, I understand most bands are simply looking for the best ways to promote their music.

However, whilst there are plenty of music tutors out there, producers and engineers, no one really explains how exactly to release your music once it’s recorded so that it actually reaches your ideal fans and key industry players.

Traditional universities, colleges or TAFEs logistically can’t keep up with how fast the industry and technology is moving and as a result, usually their courses are completely outdated and irrelevant to the way the music industry is working in 2020!

Not to mention the amount of debt they rack up for musicians who simply want to learn how to turn their passion into a business (besides the fact these courses barely cover this aspect).

Long gone are the days where punters rock up to a music venue to ‘discover’ new artists. And don’t even get me started about the myth of labels discovering new bands that way!

Through my work in the music industry, I see countless bands make mistakes each and every day that are costing them time, money and motivation.

Unfortunately, the more time it takes to build momentum for your music career, the more disheartened you become.

I mean, we’ve all seen those jaded musicians who like to whinge in Facebook groups about the industry. And we all pray we will never end up like them!

Trust me when I say I’ve seen far too many of my talented peers give up on their dreams because they felt frustrated their bands weren’t progressing at the rate they wanted.

It wasn’t anything to do with the quality of music, ambition or live show. It was purely because they weren’t equipped with the roadmap to get more exposure.

Now, it’s my life’s mission to give bands the tools, knowledge, strategies and support the need to get their music heard and make an impact on the world.

Is your band ready to finally get the traction + exposure you need to reach the next level?

If yes, I’m SO ready to work with you to get there.

torizon monica strut


After taking some time off music, I returned to the scene incredibly confused by the new world of social media. Monica has been an immense help in helping me understand the different aspects of effective social media engagement and management. The facebook group and live streams are a great source of free information. The social media shredder course is another great option for streamlining the brand and engagement. There are a plethora of marketing courses dedicated specifically to the music scene - Highly recommend getting in touch with Monica and utilizing her services. Looking forward to doing more courses!


Our consultation with Monica covered everything we needed help with, plus more. We now feel prepared and inspired to tackle the next 12 months as a band with a whole kit of new industry knowledge, plus we feel a lot more confident in knowing what we were already doing well and what areas we need to work on. Monica is easy and fun to chat with whilst having an absolute wealth of professional experience within many avenues of the music industry; any up and coming heavy band would benefit from working with her. We've only cracked the surface of what Monica can offer bands and look forward to continue to work with her as we progress in our career as a band.

Cirrus Crown

I just really want to say thank you, Monica. Everything you have taught me ove the past year has finally been put to practice and the result has far surpassed my expectations. I owe so much of my/our presence and confidence in the social world to you. Thank you for everything.

Here’s Hoping

Thank you so much. How clear of a plan I have now from your help is unreal. Seems too good to be true!


Monica KNOWS HER SHIT! She's also a really engaging presenter who's got a great way of breaking down what she does and transferring that knowledge in easy to understand, digestible steps. A no-brainer if you want to up your social media game.


I would highly recommend this to anyone who feels they have great songs, but are stuck wondering how to move forward. Monica is an excellent teacher, with plenty of personal industry experience to back up her lessons. You'll learn how to take your songs from mere recordings to proper releases, and hopefully set yourself up for success!

Fictitious Me

Before working with Monica my social media game was low. I now have the confidence to tackle release campaigns on my own. And even though Monica’s coaching has equipped me with all the right tools, her wealth of knowledge will prove an invaluable asset as I work with her moving forward.


VERY good advice. You’ve changed the way we all think and opened our eyes to the way the modern music industry works.

Heavy Magazine

I’ve worked with Monica on a number of projects for years. I’ve found her to be one of the rare ones, that’s ethical, punctual and actual gives a damn about her job.  Monica fucking rocks!

Carl Neumann


SYNAESCOPE engaged Monica to consult with us on an approach to build our fanbase and plan strategies for taking our band to the next level in 2019. We found her so easy to work with, with a deep knowledge of the industry and solid strategies for us to follow through with. Monica ran a session with us over video chat and we found it so helpful that we will definitely have follow up sessions in the months to come to help us stay the course and achieve our goals.


10/10. Mon was a pleasure to work with, and her guidance and advice helped us take our social media engagement and coverage to a whole new level. Professional, insightful and awesome to work with!

Red Gazelle

Monica’s no-nonsense approach is truly a breath of fresh air in an industry full of BS. After just one session, we were able to clearly define our goals and objectives in a way that made sense and has since put us on the path that we want to be on. She is empowering, pioneering, and inspiring. Do yourself the favour and talk to her NOW!

👇 Check out how to work with me below. 👇

12 Week Consulting Package

Got new music coming out? Let’s work together on a killer release and promotional strategy to ensure your music gets the exposure it deserves! Suitable for singles, EPs & albums.

In 12 weeks we cover:

Release Timeline & Strategy: Crafting your release strategy to ensure your release has maximum impact and everything stays organised i.e. How many singles and when? What visuals you’ll need, deadlines and more.

Marketing Plan: Develop your marketing plan that ties into the release plan which can include organic social media, Facebook ads, traditional ads and more to ensure your music get out there.

Social Media: Let’s grow your channels and online presence to draw your ideal fans and bigger opportunities to you.

PR Strategy: We determine whether you should hire a PR company (and who good options for your band would be) or if you should handle the PR yourself.

Branding: In most instances, you will be seen before you are heard. Let’s ensure your visuals and overall vibe reflects the quality of your music and your band’s message. If you aren’t sure what that is yet, don’t worry, we will find it together.

Creating the A-Team: Team work makes the dream work! Let’s find each band member’s zone of genius and ensure the whole team is working seamlessly together to fast-track your results. I’m here to crack the whip!

Long-Term Plan: Our work goes far beyond 3 months. Together we set your goals and craft your long term 6-12 month plan on how you’re going to get there.

Aside from the above, having someone in your corner to keep you motivated, supported and accountable is in itself invaluable to achieving success.

What’s more, you will be able to rinse and repeat the knowledge and strategies we work on together for many years to come.

What’s Included:

👉 6x 1 Hour Video Calls: This is where we plan, get creative and how I keep you accountable. You’ll get a copy of the call to listen back to + detailed notes on what was covered and action-items so you always know what to do next.

👉 Unlimited Facebook Messenger Access: Where the true magic happens. Through group chat, I’m there each and every step of the way for daily support, questions and feedback in-between calls.

👉 Bonus: Access to my Being in a Band Membership for the duration of our time working together!

If your band is ready to take your career to the next level this year, I’m ready to work with you! Book in a free discovery call below to see if we’d be the perfect fit to work together

By the way, after 3 months if we love working together, there’s an option to extend this time period.

90 Minute Intensive

Is your band feeling stuck?  Need to know your next best move?

The 90 minute intensive is where we can run through where your band is at right now and the next best steps to move you forward towards your goals.  

We can cover areas such as social media, image and branding, your 6-12 month plan, band organisation, mindset and more!

What’s Included:

👉 1x 90 minute Video Call: You’ll get a copy of the call to listen back to + detailed notes on what was covered and action-items.

👉 Unlimited Messenger access the following week: For daily support, questions and feedback as you implement the action steps from our call.

👉 Bonus: Relevant resources and industry contacts as required.

Investment: $200 AUD / $150 USD

This is an intensive session that goes far beyond the hour and a half we spend on a call together. The work we do will guide your band on where to go from an industry perspective and give you the confidence and clarity to move forward, grow your audience and reach the next level.